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Our extensive range of office partitions offer products from leading industry manufacturers. Our wide range of manufacturers enables us to offer products to satisfy any design, aesthetic or performance brief demanded by contemporary office environments. Whether a new or refurbishment project, we have a partition solution.

The Procedure HiTech Interiors follow to install Stud Partitions:

1. At HiTech Interiors, we insure use of the correct procedure. The first vital step in installation of stud partitions is choosing the type of board to use for maximum performance in your wall. The types of boards currently available are as follows:

  • White: Plain Plasterboard - for the normal everyday office wall specification
  • Pink: Fire Line Plasterboard - for enhanced protection in fire proofing, normally only used where mandatory
  • Green: Moisture Resistant Plasterboard - normally used in bathrooms and other areas where moisture may be present
  • Blue: Sound Block Plasterboard - used where a higher level of sound proofing is either needed or wanted by the client
  • Grey: Duraline Plasterboard - to give a greater impact resistance
  • Foiled: Foil Backed Plasterboard - acts as a vapor control membrane
2. Then according to your needs, the metal to be used is chosen. This proves important as we can accommodate factors such as electrical cables, insulation, pipes etc. These wires and pipes go in between the plasterboard slabs as shown in the picture.

3. As soon as the wall is drawn up, HiTech Interiors will commence building. Skimming, tape and jointing or painting can also be arranged
HiTech Interiors can easily insert faceted or curved layouts as a special effect to suit a particular area of the room. This adds a modern look to the room and can be seen in HiTech Interiors Expert’s own offices.