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Sound Proofing and Acoustic Pannelling

Hi tech interiors are well experienced in Sound Proofing, which is a big factor in obtaining jobs such as professional radio boots, cinemas, apartment blocks and much more.

Sound Proofing can be of vital importance to many projects so we take great care in our work.

The method of soundproofing largely depends on two factors: airborne noise and impact noise.

Airborne noise is tackled using acoustic plasterboard, followed by acoustic mineral wool. There is then a cavity break using a metal system of rizilian bar. This prevents sound from passing from one room to the next.

Impact noise is the physical impact on the building therefore footsteps, doors banging and day to day activities. This requires the need of vibration dampening materials such as rubber, cork and fiberglass.

We pride ourselves on offering unique designs and materials to combat impact noise which can decorate and bring our clients space to life.

Here at hitech we strive to provide a solution that performs to the highest standard while also tailoring to the interior design of a building to add to its worth.

Sound Proofing Projects completed by Firetech Experts include:

  • Omniplex Cinemas, Headford Road, Galway
  • Omniplex Cinemas, Oranmore
  • Bohermore Apartments
  • I102-104 Radio

Acoustic pannelling is an alternative solution which we also excel in. we provide the desired material in tangent with the core design of the building in order to add value to both the sound absorption and general room space.

Kinvara secondary school is a project we recently completed which showcased the use of pannelling for aesthetic and acoustic purposes.