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Fire Proofing

Fire Proofing is always necessary in buildings. Hitech interiors work according to the specification to obtain the desired fire resistance rate. This is very important as it stops fire spreading in the event of a fire.

Every building requires different specifications when it comes to fireproofing. These specifications come in the form of fire rated walls/ corridors/ rooms which have a specified time limit which will slow the spread of a fire should one occur.

Quality of workmanship is incredibly important when completing fireproofing as everything has to be considering from 1.installation of partitions,2. application of the drywall, 3.hanging of fire-rated doors and equipment and finally 4.consideration of all gaps and openings through the use of fire foam/silicone.

At hitech interiors we have 30 years experience in carrying out these practices in hotels, resturants, hospitals, schools and commercial buildings.