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Ceilings and Partitions

HiTech Interiors was setup to specialise in Ceilings and Partitions.


The Ceilings types we install are suspended ceilings or Plasterboard Ceilings.

We have installed suspended ceilings in commercial, retail, educational and leisure units throughout the country. There are various different designs for suspended ceilings including different grid, tiles and spec. A suspended Ceiling is a metal grid system hung off the original overhead ceiling or roof. The tiles are then fitted. Some of the project we have carried out suspended ceilings include:

  • Barack Obama Plaza
  • Galway Plaza
  • Clayton Hotel, Cork
  • Aspect Software in Galway.

Plasterboard Ceilings, also known as MF ceilings, are widely popular with us at HiTech Interiors. These ceilings involve fixing a metal system to the original ceiling before fixing the chosen plasterboard slab to the metal. Many new homes with 2 or more stories which are built using hollowcore flooring will need an MF ceiling installed underneath the Hollowcore. HiTech Interiors are regularly installing MF ceilings to “one off” house’s. This system is also widely used in fire and soundproofing, as well as thermal insulating.

Special Effects in Plasterboard Ceilings are one of HiTech Interiors specialities. These can include curved ceilings, irregularly shaped ceilings, eclipse shaped curves, bulkheads and all complete colourful Lighting systems.

These can be seen in the Barack obama Plaza in MoneyGall and the Galway Plaza in Kiltullagh.

They are also Constructed in HiTech Interiors own office.


Just like Suspended Ceilings we have been installing stud partitions since HiTech Interiors was founded. We have been carrying out installation of a wide range of partitions in different sectors from one off house’s, restaurants, commercial units, factories, retail units, educational units, etc. Our range of manufactures enable use to offer products to satisfy any design, aesthetic or performance required. Weather a new or refurbishment project, we have a partition solution.

Projects we have carried out works in included:

  • Loughrea Intreo Centre
  • Anecto in Galway
  • Anspect in Galway

In more recent times, HiTech Interiors have been able to offer clients a Glazed partition system as an alternative to a stud partition. The glazed system allows more natural light to flow into the office space and gives a moderate look and feel to the office environment. Projects we have completed included Caulfield Industrial Head office in Oranmore and DHKN head office in Galway.